Constellations of lasers

Deep engraving and free form swiss laser.

:- Presenting our constellation of lasers.
There was a big gap between marking and deep engraving lasers and experience in different application was very important. In this regard, MarkolaserSwiss is trying to develop special knowledge in deep engraving on metals , ceramics etc.

The need was to engrave on flat surfaces which required 2 Axis lasers and a further need was to deep engrave on complex curved Free Form surfaces.

Hence our MarkolaserSwiss
are divided into three major categories based on marking areas and size of substrates.

Further differentiation of laser machines is done based on power levels and the beam diameters and curve/free form engraving capabilities.

The laser can be highly customized. We can add vision systems, X-Y-Z movements, data-matrix scanner readers, sensors to measure distance, rotary tables, indexing tables and high precision motion controls. The key point is the experience in deep engraving, repeatability of the process and durability during production.

Care has been taken so that no cheap component is used and a rigid fabricated body is used instead.

In the process of developing these machines other machines like the DMG machines, which are considered as the best mother machines as well as hard metals like special Aluminum etc are used.

  • - The Hunter Series

  • - The Great Bear Series

  • - The Power Series
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This is a small but powerful Micro Marker laser.
Various models have various features.

Model 1 - X'TRA FINE
ORION MICRO MARKER 20W FINE 2 AXIS Extra fine engraving, drilling of fine holes, jewelery hallmarking, limited deep engraving and beam diameter extremely sharp but strong & stable...

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These middle sized series has many variants that varies according to the size of substrata powers and parameters. The machine also has enough space to add many features and can be incorporated in any production requirements.

The machine comes in both versions 2 axis and free form.
Power variants - 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W .

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This is the ultimate series that provides extreme power and space in heavy duty applications. It includes a built in panel air conditioner to maintain temperature conditions of machine environment.
Power of variants are 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W

Further variations of models are dependent on specific requirements of pulse width frequencies etc.

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